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Reduced yardage golf for kids is a game changer!

golf tournaments for kids

It is not too difficult to understand why Golf in Australia is a sport that has struggled to capture the hearts and interest of more kids.

Put very simply, Golf is too hard for kids to play!

The game itself prevents kids from being successful. It is impossible for an average 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 even 11 or 12 -year-old boy or girl to get a ball to the green within the regulation number of shots. They may have the hand eye coordination and the technical skill however they lack the physical strength and power required to play the game properly.

The response of the golfing community to this very glaring problem, has been either to wait and introduce kids to golf when they are physically strong enough to hit a ball the distances required (ie when they aren’t really kids anymore) or to create token clinics that work on skill development in isolation from actually getting on a course and playing the game. Not very much fun!

The end result, regardless of which option we look at, is that young kids have been forced into not playing golf.

Change requires turning things on their head. If the game doesn’t allow for kids to play it, then change the game!

Introducing reduced yardage, age appropriate tournaments for kids of all ability levels. This concept, introduced over 20 years ago by U.S Kids Golf in America, is gaining momentum here in Australia and is gradually helping to boost the ranks of young kids playing and enjoying the game golf.

Colour coded tees which correspond to different age divisions are placed forward of the existing tees creating shortened yardages that make achieving Par possible for kids aged between 5 and 14.  

Suddenly they are experiencing the enjoyment and the fun of putting the skills they learn in clinics into practice on the golf course.

Suddenly they are experiencing the thrill of friendly competition and the ability to compare their scores with their peers and family regardless of age. In turn, this provides them with the motivation to keep learning, practicing and improving.

There is no doubt that the concept of reduced yardage tournaments is part of the answer to improving the appeal of Golf to kids. 

Golf has a lot to offer those that play it and encouraging kids to learn the game from a young age is as key to the future of golf as it is to any other sport.

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